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3rd Generation Family Farmers

We are third generation farm owners who have been working the same small farm for over 100 years.  A lot has changed in that time, but our commitment to caring for the land in an ethical and holistic way is stronger than ever.  

This desire to achieve land management goals without the use of herbicides or destructive means lead us to our current goats.  They have been used to control brush, poison ivy, and locust growth.  We now want to bring our goats off the farm and use them to benefit other land owners too!



I have a degree in Wildlife Resources Management and a deep understanding of how certain actions can affect the land, wildlife, and people connected to it.  I have also been in the animal husbandry industry for years and am adept at understanding animal behavior and working with animals. 

I have been raising goats for over 4 years now on brush land, and my soon to be husband has lived on a farm most of his life.  We are excited to start the next chapter of our lives with a new business and challenge ahead of us!


Weed Raised Goats

After a week or two in the barn to make sure everyone is healthy, all of our goats are raised on pasture alone.  Four years ago, you couldn't walk through our top pasture.  We have kept our stocking rates low, so that our goats have access to browse throughout the year without stripping all of the plants bare.  They are raised on browse with supplemental hay and grain in the winter.  They are ready to help with your projects!

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