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  • How much do goat rentals cost?
    In general, if you are within 25 miles of Oak Hill and are willing to provide clean water to the goats daily, we can clear a 1/4 acre project in 1-2 weeks as long as their is good access to the project. This will cost $350-$450. If we provide the water and daily care, the cost will be $500-$750 for your project.
  • How do you contain the goats?
    Goats are placed in an electrified net fencing. They are given water troughs, mineral supplements, and a shelter house to make sure they stay healthy during their stay. The fencing is electrified using a solar charger and battery hook-up that does not need any plug-in or maintenance.
  • Do you stay with the goats?
    For our general contracts, no we do not stay with the goats. We will check on them periodically throughout their stay to ensure that they are healthy and that the fence is still working properly. We are willing to stay with the goats during the day and trailer them back home every night if you are not comfortable with the idea of them being unsupervised. We do charge our normal delivery fee and $30/goat/day for this service. We can use more goats to accomplish the job quicker with this option.
  • Are you insured in case a goat gets loose or injured?
    Yes! We carry farm insurance and a liability rider that covers animal damage. Our goat herds are also insured and we work closely with our veterinarian in case of any injury to a goat.
  • How does this whole process work?
    The first step is contacting us! If you are within 25 miles of the farm, we will provide a consultation for free. A small fee ($25) will be charged outside of 25 miles. We will come and evaluate your project, and give you an estimate. We will go over our rental agreement and all pricing and ensure that everyone is in agreement. We do require a non-refundable $50 to book our service. A few days before delivery, we will come to your property and set up the electric fencing. Once the goats are delivered, we require $100 of your first week's fee. The rest of the fee is due at the end of the project. We will evaluate the project on a weekly basis to ensure that you are satisfied with the progress and end result. Please see our rental agreement for further details.
  • Do you rent your goats for events like birthdays or photo shoots?
    Yes we do! A few of our goats, sheep, and chickens are very friendly and enjoy being around people. Those animals are available for events and photo shoots on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information!
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