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What to Expect from Goat Brush Clearing

While goats are excellent at eating brush, they are not lawn mowers.  They like to browse a take small bites out of weeds and brush, not grass.  The outcome depends on how many goats are used, the size of the property, and the height and variety of plants available to eat.  Below are some pictures of our property where we have managed the land for different purposes.  More before and after pictures to follow!


Day 1


Day 2


Day 1


Day 3

Current Availability

We are currently only accepting jobs within 30 miles of our farm in Oak Hill, OH at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  

We do have several goats for sale that can help manage your property.  We sell all of our goats in bonded pairs. Several wethers (fixed males) are currently available for $300/pair. 



Overgrown pasture about 1/3 acre in size. 



Same overgrown pasture after 1 week with 20 goats.  Mostly twigs and stalks left.  Could be mowed or weed-eated with ease.   


Low Stocking Rates

We have kept our top field (5 acres) stocked with about 10 goats each year.  The goats keep the understory thinned and able to be walked through.  This is great for opening up the understory to sunlight and creating better habitat for ground birds like quail.  The goats also do an awesome job of keeping poison ivy and honeysuckle off of the fences as those are their preferred food.  

Fenceline Management

Goats love maintaining fencelines!  Both of these pictures shows the inside and outside of our fenceline.  The goats are great at keeping honeysuckle and other vines off of our fences as you can see. 

We are happy to customize your plan based on your goals for your property.  We can thin your forest, take down poison ivy and honeysuckle, or clean out invasive species and reseed with native plants.  

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